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Two firefighters unloading hose from the front of the engine.


The department’s training division is dedicated to ensuring that our members have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide extraordinary service. The division is staffed by Division Chief Jeff Spinelli and is supplemented with on-shift Lieutenants who serve as additional instructors.

The training division oversees the annual Fire Service Leadership Institute seminars, which features nationally recognized fire service leaders presenting on various fire service issues.

In addition to the traditional training roles, the training division is also tasked with researching new equipment and techniques to ensure our department is able to provide the most effective and efficient services possible.

The department is a member agency of the Central Florida Fire Academy consortium. Our affiliation with the Fire Academy provides the department with access to a wide assortment of training facilities and equipment.

All training is focused on providing and maintaining the highest quality emergency services
The department regularly participates in classroom sessions and practical drills.