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Man sitting at desk looking over code book in large binder with highlighter in hand.

Office of the Fire Marshal

Life safety is the focus of present-day fire departments. This area involves all of the proactive measures and services that the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department, WPFD, provides to the community to prevent and reduce losses. The Office of the Fire Marshal is managed by Fire Marshal Scott Donovan.

The Fire Marshal is responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Standard Fire Prevention Code, NFPA Life Safety Code, National Fire Codes, and all state and local ordinances related to fire protection and life safety.

The primary function of the Office is to reduce the frequency, probability, and severity of fire resulting in loss of life and property. This is accomplished by conducting frequent quality inspections in all commercial buildings, reviewing construction blueprints for code compliance, fire investigations, and conducting educational classes for the public. This Section oversees the false fire alarm ordinance, lockbox program, fire lane enforcement, occupant load/exit checks in assembly occupancies, computerized inspection file maintenance, company fire inspection, and prefire planning programs.

Fire Inspection Services

Certified and highly qualified Municipal Firesafety Inspectors licensed by the State of Florida conduct fire safety inspections on all existing commercial buildings. The primary purpose of these inspections is to reduce and eliminate fire hazards that could increase the probability and severity of fires within our community.

Fire inspections are conducted on all commercial buildings that are under construction. These inspections are performed to ensure compliance with all fire and building codes before occupancy. State and local ordinances mandate all inspections. Residential homes are inspected upon request from the homeowners.

Fire Inspection Request Line: 407-599-3612

Commercial Construction Plans Review

All new construction within commercial buildings must be permitted before work commences. Construction documents are submitted for approval. The blueprints are reviewed by a certified Plans Reviewer to ensure all work is according to all applicable codes and ordinances. The Reviewer acts as a fire code consultant to expedite the process and ensure all rules and regulations are followed.

A preliminary plan review process is beneficial to a developer, builder, or property owner and welcomed by the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department. In many cases, this process has reduced the cost of the project considerably because discrepancies can be found early on.