Personnel, Stations and Apparatus

Battalion Chiefs – Operations

The three fire department battalion chiefs respond to fire and emergency medical calls, maintain records, and statistics pertaining to fire and rescue responses along with company fire inspections, training activities and the maintenance of facilities and equipment. The battalion chief assigns specific tasks for the lieutenants and crews on a regular basis.

At a fire scene, the battalion chief determines the method of fire attack, supervises the laying of hose lines, and directs the fire streams to extinguish and contain fires. At most emergency scenes, the battalion chief assumes command, is the authority having jurisdiction, and represents the fire department.

Dan Devlin
Battalion Chief
Dan Devlin (A-Shift)

Dan Devlin began his career as a Firefighter with the Winter Park Fire Department in July 2002. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2012 and to his current position of Battalion Chief in October 2018.

Mark Adams
Battalion Chief
Mark Adams (B-Shift)

Mark Adams grew up in the Winter Park area graduating from Winter Park High School in 1982 and The University of Florida in 1988. Mark served the Winter Park Fire Department as an Explorer from 1981 until becoming a Reserve Firefighter in late 1982 and began as a full time Firefighter from 1983 until 1986 when he returned to school to pursue other interests. After nine years out of the fire service, Mark returned to the Winter Park Fire Department in January 1995. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2000 and to Battalion Chief in 2007.
Mark currently resides in DeLand with his wife and their two sons. In his spare time, he enjoys the beach, following Gator athletics, playing golf, and being with his family.

Michael Templeton
Battalion Chief
Michael Templeton (C-Shift)

Michael Templeton started with Winter Park as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 1993. He was promoted to Engineer in 2000 and then to Lieutenant in 2003. After spending 12 years assigned to T61 he was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2015.


Victoria DevereauxA-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Scott McAuleyA-Shift Lieutenant / EMT
Tod MeadorsA-Shift Captain / EMS Supervisor
Tom TobinA-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Stephen ZaldanaA-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Dave Devereaux B-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Brad GraingerB-Shift Captain / EMS Supervisor
Damien PillayB-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Rich TaylorB-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Michael UlmerB-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Chris GattisC-Shift Captain / EMS Supervisor
Scott KetchamC-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Trey MerrickC-Shift Lieutenant / Paramedic
Gene RodriguezC-Shift Lieutenant / EMT
Eric WheatonC-Shift Lieutenant / EMT


A-Shift Personnel

Eric BenderFirefighter / Paramedic
Joe CellettiFirefighter / Paramedic
Alfredo EscaleraFirefighter / Paramedic
Scott FryerEngineer / Paramedic
Nathan FollFirefighter / EMT
Jake GercakFirefighter / Paramedic
Steve GriffinFirefighter / Paramedic
Rob HarkinsEngineer / Paramedic
Brent PhillipsEngineer / Paramedic
Kyle HoagFirefighter / EMT
Gregory QuigleyFirefighter / Paramedic
Pat RutherfordFirefighter / Paramedic
Brett StakeFirefighter / EMT
Keith StregerFirefighter / EMT
Travis TacnerEngineer / Paramedic
Blakely VasenFirefighter / EMT
Brenda WeberEngineer / Paramedic


B-Shift Personnel

Paul AshtonEngineer / Paramedic
Mike BassEngineer / Paramedic
John BonnellFirefighter / Paramedic
Rodney ChildersFirefighter / Paramedic
Aaron CraveyFirefighter / Paramedic
Kevin DixonEngineer / Paramedic
Todd FollFirefighter / EMT
Connor HeiskellFirefighter / Paramedic
David HughesFirefighter / Paramedic
Angela JacksonFirefighter / Paramedic
Joe LongFirefighter / Paramedic
Gary MitchellEngineer / EMT
Christina NapierFirefighter / EMT
Nick PetravichFirefighter / EMT
Kevin PowersFirefighter / EMT
Quint WhartonFirefighter / Paramedic
Brandon WilliamsFirefighter / Paramedic


C-Shift Personnel

Brenden AnkenyEngineer / Paramedic
Vance BerryFirefighter / EMT
Dudley BrearlyFirefighter / EMT
Dan BrownEngineer / Paramedic
Jonathan CastroFirefighter / Paramedic
Ross CraveyFirefighter / Paramedic
Jermaine DanielsFirefighter / Paramedic
Mike GonzalezFirefighter / Paramedic
Erica HallFirefighter / Paramedic
Anthony MehrtensFirefighter / EMT
Tim MillardEngineer / Paramedic
Bryan MomanFirefighter / Paramedic
Brennan MooreFirefighter / EMT
Richard RibarFirefighter / Paramedic
Drew SchaumannFirefighter / EMT
Hector RiveraFirefighter / Paramedic
Mark VaughnFirefighter / EMT

Station 61 | 343 West Canton Avenue

The City’s newest facility was officially opened on June 6, 2003. The Public Safety Facility contains the administrative operations of both the Police and Fire Departments as well as the operations of Fire Station 61.
Fire Headquarters

Station 61 Vehicles

Engine 61

2016 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper
2016 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper

Placed in service spring 2017 as a fully staffed Advanced Life Support (ALS) engine. This engine carries 750 gallons of water and has a pumping capability of 1750 gallons of water per minute.

Truck 61

2012 Pierce 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial ALS Truck
2012 Pierce 100′ Tractor Drawn Aerial ALS Truck

Truck 61 was placed in service in October 2012 as the City’s first Tractor Drawn Aerial. A fully staffed ALS Truck Company capable of over 100′ ladder raise, as well as as on board CAFS.

View more information about T-61

Rescue 61

2015 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle
2015 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle

Rescue 61 placed in service September 2015 as a fully staffed ALS unit. This rescue was designed with attendant and patient safety in mind. Equipped with Stryker Powerlift Stretcher and an additional 110volt air conditioning unit for constant temperature control in the patient compartment. Rescue 61 is a “second generation” model of the Action Safe Area.

EMS Supervisor – EMS 61

2008 Chevrolet Suburban
2008 Chevrolet Suburban

This vehicle is assigned to the EMS Supervisor and serves as the immediate on-scene Medical Control Unit. It has command unit capabilities as well as additional medical supplies and equipment.

Battalion 61

2012 Chevrolet Suburban
2012 Chevrolet Suburban

Running out of station headquarters “61” downtown, this unit is assigned to the Battalion Chief who is the Incident Commander on scene. Battalion 61 is equipped with all necessary equipment and tools needed to effectively manage and control any scene.

Marine Rescue Boat-Marine 61

2007 Rescue One Boat with Yamaha Motor
2007 Rescue One Boat with Yamaha Motor

Capable of navigating through the canals and city lakes, Marine 61 is responsible for all water rescues. Features 40hp 4 stroke Yamaha motor, retractable diving platform, large removable seats which double as floating storage bins, and a flat non-skid floor for optimal stability and balance while performing rescues. Placed in service summer of 2008.

Station 62 | 300 S. Lakemont Avenue

Originally built in 1969, Station 62 was completely renovated in 2001. All the details of the Station 62 renovation on our site. The station now features individual crew quarters and newly renovated living spaces.

Station 62 Vehicles

Engine 62
2016 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper
2016 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper

Engine 62 was placed in service spring 2017 and continues to be one of the City’s busiest Companies. This engine carries 750 gallons of water and is equipped with hydraulic extrication tools. Engine 62 is a fully staffed Advance Life Support (ALS) unit.

Rescue 62
2013 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle
2013 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle

Rescue 62 is the second of two, fully staffed ALS transport units. It was part of the initial rescue redesign to improve patient and attendant safety. After more than 18 months of design and testing it was placed in service fall 2013. Rescue 62 is also equipped with Stryker Powerlift Stretcher and additional 110volt air conditioning unit.

Squad 6
2001 Ford F-550 EVI 12' Non-Walk-Thru Squad Body Support Vehicle
2001 Ford F-550 EVI 12′ Non-Walk-Thru Squad Body Support Vehicle

Squad 6 was placed in service July 2002 as the primary support unit for the department’s Technical Rescue Team. This multi-purpose vehicle carries equipment for trench and confined space rescues, as well as a compressed air cascade system to re-fill SCBA cylinders.

Station 64 | 1439 Howell Branch Road

This facility was assumed from Orange County Fire Rescue in July 2002. Station 64 was originally part of the Goldenrod – Domeric Fire Protection District and in 1981 became part of the Orange County Fire Rescue System. Due to annexations by the City of Winter Park, operational responsibility was transferred to Winter Park over a three-year period. More information regarding the Station 64 Project can be found on our web site.

Station 64 Vehicles

Engine 64

2001 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper
2001 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper

Engine 64 was originally placed in service as Engine 61 in July 2001. After arrival of new pierce pumpers it was refurbished and reassigned as Engine 64 in March 2007. Engine 64 carries 750 gallons of water and is capable of delivering 1750 gallons of water per minute. This engine is equipped with hydraulic extrication tools and is a fully staffed Advance Life Support (ALS) unit.

Reserve Apparatus

Reserve Engine 161

1996 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper
1996 Pierce Quantum ALS Pumper

While being one of the first Quantum ALS Pumpers in the department Engine 161 was originally Engine 61. This engine carries 750 gallons of water and capable of pumping 1500 gallons per minute of water. It was placed in reserve status March 2011.

Reserve Truck 161

1998 KME 100' Tractor Drawn Aerial
1998 KME 100′ Tractor Drawn Aerial

This unit was placed in service September 2015.

Reserve Rescue 64

2013 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle
2013 Wheeled Coach Ford F450 Rescue/Transport Vehicle

Rescue 64 is the twin to Rescue 62 and features the same redesign and improvements in patient and attendant safety. Despite being in reserve status, Rescue 64 carries full Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment at all times enabling it to be activated and placed in service at moments notice.