Fallen Hero’s Memorial

1266564_325810470897978_927741711_oThe Winter Park Fallen Hero’s Memorial is dedicated to those fallen public safety professionals who have served the city since 1885, and also serves as the community’s memorial for the remembrance of those lost during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Fallen Hero’s Memorial was designed by local architect John Cunningham and features a central obelisk of polished granite which holds at the top a piece of structural steel from the World Trade Center itself. The steel from the WTC serves as the center of the memorial and was specifically designed to weather as time passes given an effect of tears onto the granite stone. Funding to complete the Fallen Hero’s Memorial was received from the Winter Park Rotary Club. We appreciate all the local support received to make this project a reality.

The Memorial is also flanked by two sections of polished stainless steel arranged in a formation to resemble the twin towers of the WTC, one facing the police department, one towards the fire rescue department immediately in front of the main lobby of the Public Safety Building. These two areas are paved with engraved bricks featuring individuals who have helped to sponsor the Fallen Hero’s Memorial. Additional bricks may be sponsored by anyone interested in having an appropriate message placed within the Memorial.

A sponsorship flyer can be downloaded here. Checks should be made payable to the City of Winter Park.