Register a Code Compliance Complaint

What is a possible code violation condition?

Keeping Winter Park one of the best places to live requires constant and consistent enforcement of our city’s codes and ordinances. Our staff works to patrol and notice all observed violations but unfortunately we cannot be everywhere all the time. Our residents play a key role in helping us identify possible violations providing enforcement actions where necessary. This web page allows anyone to report a situation they think may be a code violation. When reported each condition is examined by one of our staff professionals who will physically review the case and determine if a violation exists.

The more information you can provide us the better prepared we are to properly examine the reported situation and bring it into compliance. Providing our staff with a correct street name and address or at least the address of the property immediately adjacent to the property in question, would be extremely helpful. Because some of our codes are day and time driven, it is also helpful to include the date and time you observed the condition. We ask that you do your best to describe the observed conditions in detail. Our staff will then determine if the situation is an official violation. The more you are able to describe and explain the potential violation, the better job we can do gaining compliance.

Reporting overgrowth of vegetation

During our rainy season each year we see an increase in reported violations of overgrowth of vegetation. We ask for your assistance in identifying these properties when you observe them. Overgrowth violations are considered when properties have vegetation/grass growth over 12 inches in height.

Reporting an observed condition

If you feel you have observed a condition anywhere in the city that may be a code violation please complete the electronic information below. All complaints are immediately routed to our staff and will be investigated within 24 hours of receipt.

Once again, our Code Enforcement staff appreciates our citizens working with us to keep Winter Park properties safe and code compliant. Thank you for your assistance in keeping Winter Park one of the best places to live.