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Code Compliance VehicleFor Code Compliance life-threatening, hazardous or unsafe condition emergencies only, please call 407-644-1313 and a Code Compliance representative will be contacted.

To register a complaint, please call the Code Compliance 24-hour Complaint Line at 407-599-3392 or submit it online using the Register a Code Compliance Complaint form.


City of Winter Park Fire-Code Compliance Section seeks code compliance by providing citizens and businesses guidance and direction for the resolution of problems and violations in a friendly, fair and impartial manner. Our objective is to achieve code compliance so that the citizens of Winter Park may enjoy a cleaner, safer and better place to live.


The protection of life, health and property is a solemn responsibility of the highest order. Recognizing the public’s trust bestowed upon individuals engaged in the administration and enforcement of Property Maintenance codes, the International Code Council Advocates, and Florida Code Enforcement Association Certified Officers, commitment to a standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest ideals and principles of ethical conduct. The governing concepts embodied in this philosophy are characterized herein below, for the benefit and guidance of those so engaged, and for the enlightenment of the public we serve.

Code Compliance Forms, Information & Programs

Tracking Code Violations & Requests

Several different actions often occur when we initiate enforcement procedures which may include but are not limited to swift compliance, partial compliance, non-compliance and sometimes “no violation found.” For example, reporting a boat, motor home or trailer in a driveway in a residential area is not an automatic violation until it remains there for over 24 hours. Please note that these items can be present one day a week without being in violation.

We are committed to professional code compliance that is responsive to our citizens. Please contact the section if we may assist you with any concerns.

Requests submitted to Code Compliance must follow a prescribed legal process to ensure that our codes and ordinances are both fairly and uniformly enforced. If you or your neighbor have called in or e-mailed a code violation, or assumed a code violation to the section and have not seen corrective action taken, please contact this office at 407-599-3600 or e-mail to receive a report on the status of a request.

City of Winter Park Ordinances

The city of Winter Park has enacted an Ordinance that defines specific public performance areas in within the central business district. The Ordinance is not intended to prohibit the opportunities for artist to use our city and its fine attributes in their art. If you are an artist and need to use the areas restricted public performance areas for viewing and creating artwork, you may go to the following link: Public Performance Zone Temporary Permit Request and complete a brief application allowing you permitted use of the prohibited areas. The process is easy, quick, and best of all, the permit is free. We simply need to know when are where you will be painting within the restricted areas.

You can view all City of Winter Park Ordinances, including Chapter 58 the LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE which includes the Tree Protection Chapter and all Zoning categories, on the Municode Web site.

Codes generally cited are the City’s Land Development/Zoning code, Sign code, Nuisance codes, and the Property and Building Maintenance codes.

The Code Compliance Section initiates actions to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Winter Park. Those actions include the enforcement of regulations that preserve and protect property values and ensure a safe environment for all citizens in the city. The Section inspects and provides notifications of violations that regarding existing land uses and structures. Additionally, education of citizens is provided to promote voluntary compliance by establishing partnerships with citizens, community groups, and other agencies.

The Code Compliance Officers routinely observe violations, take appropriate legal actions to remedy the violations, including, if necessary scheduling a matter to be heard by the Code Compliance Board. Action requests are registered by e-mail at the city’s Web site, by telephone, or walk-in requests. All of these methods of contact are accepted daily.

Specific actions by Code Compliance includes enforcing codes relating to existing structures and land uses, construction activities without permits, residential and commercial dilapidated structures, sheds and fence structures, unsightly or discarded articles, overgrowth of tall weeds and grass, disabled motor vehicles, businesses operating without occupational license, illegal commercial activities in a residential district, and illegal uses within commercial districts.

The Code Compliance Section has a 24-hour Complaint Line 407-599-3392. Complaints are retrieved daily. In addition, complaints are registered on the website; the officer working each weekend retrieves these as well. Complaints concerning hazardous conditions are addressed immediately upon receipt. All other complaints are addressed seven days a week within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint. During holidays, complaints are addressed the following business day.

Please direct requests for action on new construction, regarding questions and violations, to the Building & Permitting Services Department at 407-599-3237.

Contact Information

24-hour Complaint Line 407-599-3392
Lien & Code Violation Inquiries 407-599-3600 | Email us
Chief of Department 407-599-3299 | Dan Hagedorn
Code Compliance Officer 407-599-3283 | Susanne Porras
Code Compliance Officer 407-599-3488 | Smitha Raphael

Prior to coming into the office, please set up an appointment with a Code Compliance staff member to ensure someone is in the office to assist you with your needs.