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Do you know your home?

Posted on 05/21/2021

As hurricane season approaches, it is important for residents to know if they live in an area that is in an evacuation zone. Evacuation zones are generally low-lying or flood prone. Residents living in these areas are the most likely to be evacuated. By knowing where you live you can better prepare for a potential evacuation.

Even if you do not live in an evacuation zone, it is still very important to know the capabilities of your own home. Below you will find a few frequently asked questions.

Should I evacuate if a hurricane comes this year?

The greatest threat to life from a hurricane is flooding. If you live in a low-lying, flood prone area within an evacuation zone evacuating recommended as the life-safety risk is at a greater level. On the contrary, if you do not live in a low-lying, flood prone area, it may be safer to stay in your home. When deciding you should always follow the direction of your local Emergency Management division in your city or county.

What can I do to make my home stronger?

One of the best ways to mitigate damage to your home and property is to protect the areas that are prone to wind entering. Cover windows and doors with plywood. This can greatly reduce the amount of wind that can enter a structure. 

How will I know if I am ordered to evacuate?

By monitoring local news and alerts from authorities. In the City of Winter Park, we will relay information through the City of Winter Park Emergency Information Facebook page as well as NextDoor. Evacuation zones are designated from A to F, with A being the most vulnerable area that is evacuated first. Take time to find which evacuation zone you are in and pay attention to local authorities. You can find evacuation zone by visiting: https://floridadisaster.org/knowyourzone.