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Our Members are Dedicated to #OurCommunity!

Posted on 01/22/2021

Please join us in congratulating Firefighter Jake Gercak who is now a certified Florida Smoke Diver. Florida Smoke Diver a physically and mentally demanding program designed to challenge the most elite Firefighters in our profession.

In our training we should continually seek out the “dark moment of the soul”. These moments should come frequently and be overcome. The “darkness“ seeks out the "quitter" in us. It’s the little voice in your head telling you to quit because you’ve “reached your limits”. It’s up to you to figure out how to silence that voice when it starts to arise. 

​Focusing on your goals and finding the strength to trample over that voice is one of the hardest things to learn. If you are ever in a situation where your life and others lives depend on you overcoming one of your darkest moments you want to be physically and mentally calloused enough to know you can and will overcome. The program will challenge you. The program will teach you. The program will change you. 

While 34 took the initial test, 12 started the day and only nine became certified Florida Smoke Divers!

You may recognize Firefighter Gercak, the 2019 recipient of the Firefighter of the Year Award by the State of Florida. His dedication to #OurCommunity is exceptional.