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Are you being safe when using lithium batteries?

Posted on 03/03/2020

Lithium-ion battery accidents and fires are on the rise but can be prevented! We rely on lithium-ion batteries to power our everyday lives, from cell phones and remotes to vehicles. It is essential to be aware of the potential dangers when not used properly.

Always buy batteries from a reputable supplier. Avoid batteries that are not shipped in protective packaging. When storing batteries, keep them away from combustible materials, be sure to remove batteries before long-term storage. Optimal battery storage is in metal storage between 41° F and 68° F.

Only use the charging cord and adapter that came with the device. Off-market products create excessive heat and can lead to explosions. Replace any damaged cables and avoid using them whenever possible. When charging batteries, it is essential to remember not to charge disposable batteries. A helpful tip to prevent this is to store one-time use batteries in a separate area from re-chargeable ones.

It is essential to inspect batteries and devices at least once a week. Check for the following deformities, odors, leaking, or excessive heat. In these cases, disconnect the batteries or device and move them away from all combustible materials. Be sure to check with your local municipality or county government to see when they offer a household hazardous waste drop-off.